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Weight Loss Drugs Produce Only Minimal Weight Loss, Even After Taking Them for Years

Weight loss drugs may result only in minor weight loss, even after long-term use, according to a new study conducted by Brazilian and Canadian researchers and published in the British Medical Journal.

Anti-Prostate Cancer Foods

Tomatoes for your health

There’s no hiding the fact that diet heavily influences cancer risk, no matter the type of cancer. However, knowing exactly which foods are beneficial and which ones are harmful can help to shape a diet to achieve its maximum health potential.

Fight FAT with Fire

By Vince Palko

You've heard the saying “fight fire with fire.”  Here's a new twist on that old adage -- Fight FATwith Fire.  Let me explain.

When I was little, I was a bit chunky. Okay, a lot chunky. The kids in the neighborhood, my cousins, and other school chums would all take pot shots and poke fun at my weight.

“What's Up, Skinny Vinnie?”

“Wanna play on our team Skinny Vinnie?”

Even some of the parents in the neighborhood had a field day with my pot belly.