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'Double diabetes' puzzles doctors

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Having one type of diabetes is bad enough, but two? Doctors are seeing a new phenomenon dubbed double diabetes that makes it harder to diagnose and treat patients -- especially children.

The mix can strike at any age, and comes in various forms: Children who depend on insulin injections because of Type 1 diabetes gain weight and then get the Type 2 form in which their bodies become insulin resistant, for example.


Diabetes raises pancreatic cancer risk - study

Tue Aug 2, 2005

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Middle-aged and older Americans who are newly diagnosed with diabetes also appear to have a higher risk of deadly pancreatic cancer, according to a study published on Tuesday.

For three years after their diagnosis with diabetes, patients have eight times the risk of developing pancreatic cancer, the study at the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center found.

Diabetes itself may be an early symptom of the hard-to-treat cancer, the researchers said.


Whey supplement helpful for diabetics

Wed Jul 27, 2005

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - For people with type 2 diabetes, adding whey to high-carbohydrate meals stimulates insulin release and reduces spikes in blood glucose levels after meals, according to new findings.

Writing in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Dr. Mikael Nilsson, of Lund University, Sweden, and colleagues say the reason whey proteins have this effect is not known, but it may have something to do with particular amino acids and hormones found in the mild product.


Molecular link between obesity and diabetes found

Wed Jul 20, 2005

LONDON (Reuters) - Scientists have discovered a molecular link between obesity and type 2 diabetes that could be a potential target for new drugs to treat the disease.

They found that a protein released by fat tissue in mice causes insulin resistance, a primary risk factor for diabetes. Elevated levels of the protein had also previously been detected in patients suffering from diabetes.


Diabetes Spurred By Adult Lifestyles

MONDAY, July 11 (HealthDay News) -- Adult behaviors have more influence on type 2 diabetes risk than childhood risk factors such as birth weight and nutrition, according to a British study.

The findings run counter to long-held beliefs that fetal development predisposes individuals to diabetes in later life.


Caffeine cuts nighttime diabetes problem

Wed Jun 22, 2005

By David Douglas

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - People with type 1 diabetes may have a new reason to appreciate a cup of coffee. Caffeine intake, in normal amounts, is associated with a significant reduction in nighttime episodes of excessively low blood sugar levels -- or hypoglycemia -- according to UK researchers.


Weight Management and Diabetes

Everyone knows that Weight is an important health issue, especially for the obese people. Being overweight does not just affect the way you look, it can also seriously affect your health. However, making realistic long-term changes to your lifestyle can bring huge rewards. More and more people are overweight or obese. Being obese increases your chances of getting diabetes.

We can’t ignore this fact that people who are overweight are at greater risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.


The Link Between Diabetes And Dry Eye

Friday, April 15, 2005

If you have diabetes there is about a 50-50 chance that you have dry eye. Dry eye is characterized by dryness, burning or sandy-gritty irritation in the eyes that gets worse as the day goes on. Dry eye in diabetes is a result of decreased corneal sensation or relative numbness of the surface of the eye. This relative numbness of the surface of the eye has also been associated with diabetic retinopathy. What is dry eye, what causes it and what can be done about it?