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Moderate coffee consumption may reduce risk of diabetes by up to 25 percent

Drinking three to four cups of coffee per day may help to prevent type 2 diabetes according to research highlighted in a session report published by the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC), a not-for-profit organisation devoted to the study and disclosure of science related to coffee and health.

Diabetic Epidemic Rising Dramatically

The number of new cases of diabetes, particularly type 2 diabetes, has risen dramatically in the last 15 years across the country, especially in some of the southern states. The nation’s diabetes problem is getting worse, and the biggest jump over 15 years was in Oklahoma, according to a new federal report. The diabetes rate in Oklahoma more than tripled, and Kentucky, Georgia and Alabama also saw dramatic increases since 1995, the study showed.

Type 2 Diabetes in Women: Young, Slim, and Diabetic

Stephanie Yi, 29, had a body most women would kill for. She never had to work hard to maintain her long-limbed, flat-bellied frame—weekend hikes near her northern California home and lots of spinach salads did the trick.

Calorie restriction helps regulate glucose and maintain gray matter volume in aged primate model

In an article published online on March 13, 2012 in the journal Diabetes, Sterling C. Johnson and his colleagues at William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital and the University of Wisconsin report a benefit for calorie restriction in glucose regulation and related improvement in brain volume in older rhesus monkeys.

Low vitamin D coupled with obesity dramatically raises diabetes risk

It is no surprise to most people that the current obesity epidemic is placing millions of unsuspecting individuals at grave risk of early death, in part by dramatically increasing the incidence of diabetes