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contaminated vaccines

What did they know and When did they know it? Mercury, Vaccines and Autism

A decade before the US Public Health Service (PHS) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) made a joint public statement vowing to remove the mercury preservative Thimerosal from vaccines (circa 1999), I was trying to find the science behind the recommendation to give newborns the Hep B vaccine (more about that later).

Meat, milk, contaminated vaccines and inflammation - piecing the puzzle together

By Wells: (NaturalNews) Inflammation is the body's reaction to consuming chemicals, irradiated salt, artificial additives and artificial preservatives. It's the result of drinking water and other beverages that are contaminated with a Chinese industrial waste pollutant known as fluoride, which America imports and pours into the municipal tap. Inflammation ultimately sends the central nervous system and the cleansing organs into a state of shock.