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Martial Law Under FEMA Control

As more questions surface as to why TruTV pulled the Police State episode, the offices of Camp FEMA/Enemy of the State Producer/Director team Gary Franchi and William Lewis are receiving even more information with regards to FEMA facilities across the nation.

Extraterrestrial UFO Are Real: Ben Rich Lockheed CEO Admitted In His Deathbed Confession

Ben Rich Lockheed Skunk Works CEO had admitted in his Deathbed Confession that "Extraterrestrial UFO visitors are real and the U.S. Military travel among stars".

Documentary Reveals Unhealthy Pharma Profits While America Weeps

Almost half of all Americans take at least one prescription drug and the United States healthcare industry is the world’s biggest – with $300 billion a year spent on prescription drugs alone, and rising.

BuildingWhat? - A TV Ad Campaign to Raise Awareness of Building 7 - What is Building 7 ?

Building 7 was a 47-story skyscraper that was part of the World Trade Center complex. It would have been the tallest high-rise in 33 states.

The Kennedy Casket Conspiracy

Last November a new book entitled The Kennedy Detail: JFK’s Secret Service Agents Break Their Silence, by Gerald Blaine and Lisa McCubbin, promised to “reveal the inside story of the assassination, the weeks and days that led to it and its heartrending aftermath.”

The Man Who Shattered Our Economy

Rejoice, the housing market is back. Sandy Weill just picked up a humdinger of a wine vineyard estate in Sonoma, Calif., for a record $31 million, so the foreclosure crisis—which the former CEO of Citigroup did so much to create when he successfully lobbied then-President Bill Clinton to sign off on radical deregulation of the banking industry—must be over.