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Congressman Ron Paul

The Costs of War

by Rep. Ron Paul, MD

Ron Paul in the US House of Representatives, September 16, 2003

Mr. Speaker, the neo-conservative media machine has been hard at work lately drumming up support for the $87 billion appropriation to extend our precarious occupation of Iraq. Opposition to this funding, according to the Secretary of Defense, encourages our enemies and hinders the war against terrorism. This is a distortion of the facts and is nothing more than attacking the messenger when one disapproves of the message.

Reject UN Gun Control

by Rep. Ron Paul, MD

Ron Paul in the US House of Representatives, September 18, 2003

Mr. Speaker, I rise to introduce the “Right to Keep and Bear Arms Act.” This legislation prohibits US taxpayer dollars from being used to support or promote any United Nations actions that could infringe on the Second Amendment. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms Act also expresses the sense of Congress that proposals to tax, or otherwise limit, the right to keep and bear arms are “reprehensible and deserving of condemnation.”

That's Your Money In Iraq

by Rep. Ron Paul, MD

Ambassador Paul Bremer, head of the US provisional administration in Iraq, appeared before Congress last week to lobby hard for another $87 billion for nation building. This figure is in addition to the nearly $80 billion we’ve already spent in Iraq, and the new funding request is for 2004 only. If we stay in Iraq beyond 2004 – and the administration has made it clear that reconstruction will be a long-term project – American taxpayers easily could spend one trillion dollars over the coming years.

Crazed Foreign Aid

by Rep. Ron Paul, MD

Ron Paul in the US House of Representatives, October 17, 2003

Mr. Speaker: I rise in opposition to this request for nearly $87 billion to continue the occupation and rebuilding of Iraq and Afghanistan. This is money we do not have being shipped away on a foreign welfare program. The burden on our already weakened economy could well be crippling.

Drug Reimportation Increases Medical Freedom

by Rep. Ron Paul, MD

August 5, 2003

Congress concluded its summer session by passing legislation that would allow Americans to buy prescription drugs from Canada and several other nations. This practice is known as “reimportation,” because the drugs originally were manufactured in the U.S.