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Will Those Sneaky GMO Amendments Pass Because of an Underhanded Maneuver?

Not if we stop them! As we reported a few weeks ago, these amendments represent a sneaky, behind-closed-doors attempt to make GMO foods immune from court review. Now we have learned of an even sneakier, even more questionable legislative maneuver that might get them passed.

Rider to Ag Appropriations Bill strips judicial power to ban GMO crops

The bio-wreck industry would dismantle the tripartite structure of the federal government, in a power grab that violates separation of powers under the US Constitution.

America the Beautiful: A Fire Sale for Foreign Corporations

This may be one of the most important stories ever ignored by the so-called "lame-stream, liberal" media. It's unlikely you're losing sleep over US trade negotiations, but the unfolding business agreement among the US and eight Pacific nations -

The corruption of the Farm Bill, and why clean, organic food remains more expensive than conventiona

If you have ever wondered why junk food is almost always artificially cheap compared to healthy food, you need look no further than federal agriculture policy.v

How Scalia Distorts the Framers

By Robert Parry, o5 July 12
Antonin Scalia and the three other right-wing justices who sought to strike down health-care reform cited no less an authority on the Constitution than one of its key Framers, Alexander Hamilton, as supporting their concern about the overreach of Congress in regulating commerce.

TSA spills the ashes of a man's grandfather then laughs about it

The Transportation Security Administration is already known for being one of the most, if not the most, inept, incompetent and criminal of all the federal agencies. Now we can add cruel and heartless to the growing list of TSA outrages.

Republican Senate Blocks Paycheck Fairness Act

The Senate on Tuesday failed to advance a bill that its backers say would help close the vast pay gap between men and women - an effort that was part of a broader election-year strategy by congressional Democrats and the White House to woo female voters.