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BREAKING: Popular Over-The-Counter Cold & Allergy Drugs Linked To Dementia

health freedom alliance, 26 April 2016
Another day another study confirming what we’ve been warning readers about for a decade now. Anticholinergic drugs which—as the name suggests—block the action of the neurotransmitter choline

Mysterious flu-like condition kills child, doctors erroneously blame lack of flu shot

A Texas family is reeling with sadness and confusion after their six-year-old daughter died just a few hours after visiting an emergency room recently for what appeared to be flu-like symptoms. According to FOX 4 News in Dallas, young Tahila Johnson developed a fever, body aches, and the chills, prompting her parents to rush her to the Dallas Regional Medical Center for treatment. But rather than receive proper care, Tahila was carelessly sent away with some over-the-counter drugs, and she died just a few hours later at home in her bed.