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Study finds drinking coffee beneficial for liver health

By Michelle: (NaturalNews) A recent study led by Dr. Qian Xiao from the National Cancer Institute has found that people who drink three cups of coffee daily are 25 percent less likely than non-coffee drinkers to have abnormal levels of liver enzymes.(1) Caffeinated versus decaf made no difference; both yielded similar results in a survey analysis of over 27,000 people that spanned more than 10 years.(2)

Elevated liver enzymes, which are typically higher on a temporary basis and are not usually chronic, can indicate that injury or inflammation of liver cells has occurred.(3)

Does coffee prevent diabetes?

Americans are coffee drinkers, with over 50% of us relying on the stuff to wake us up in the morning and keep us alert throughout the day. Besides being able to help fight fatigue, recent research has found that increasing your consumption of coffee can help prevent the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Drinking coffee reduces chances of dying from liver cirrhosis

People who drink two or more cups of coffee per day are 66 percent less likely to die from certain forms of liver disease, according to a study conducted by researchers with the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore and the National University of Singapore and published in the journal Hepatology this month.

Coffee could be key in cutting colon cancer risk

For years, doctors cautioned their patients against drinking too much coffee. Their fear was that the caffeinated beverage could be responsible for an uptick in cancer, especially cancers of the digestive tract such as colon cancer. In the last decade, though, physicians have come to some surprising conclusions about the real link between coffee and colon cancer.

The most expensive coffee in the world is brewed from beans partially digested and defecated by the Asian palm civet Learn more

The world's most expensive coffee, kopi luwak (literally, "civet coffee") is brewed from coffee beans that have been eaten and partially digested by the Asian palm civet, a catlike wild animal.

Seven natural solutions to overcome morning fatigue and kick the coffee addiction

Overcoming coffee addiction can be tough for many people, especially when the headaches, jitters, and other nasty withdrawal symptoms start kicking in. But finding alternative sources of daily energy to replace caffeine with just might be the best thing you ever do for your health. Here are seven alternatives to coffee that will help you overcome morning fatigue, gain lasting energy throughout the day, and ultimately defeat your coffee addiction.


A major challenge merchants face when decaffeinating coffee is maintaining flavor. The caffeine contains much of the bean’s yum-factor, and the processing draws out more than caffeine but also other important flavor chemicals. It turns out that the popular stimulant doesn’t separate easily from its vessel, so manufacturers have had to devise methods powerful enough to remove the one constituent without stripping all of the seed’s treasures.