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Ralph Nader = Controlled Opposition. Article Explains Why "Global Trade

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IAHF List: Politics is the manipulation of perceptions, and in the world of politics, things are seldom as they first appear to be on the surface. Please read the article below my comments by William Jasper about Ralph Nader. 


IAHF Webmaster: Breaking News, Whats New, What to Do, All Countries, Codex, EU FSD 

IAHF List: See the press release below my comments from ANH. It is very good news that Fresh and Wild, (a UK division of Whole Foods Market in the USA) is supporting the ANH lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive. 

If you live in London, please go to Fresh and Wild TODAY July 15th. 5% of the money you spend there today will go towards the ANH lawsuit. 

Food supplements directive set back by vote

In a recent meeting of the European Union’s Council of Ministers, the proposed European directive on food supplements was dealt a serious blow, setting back the agenda for its approval which was expected within the end of this year. The Danish minister of Trade Ole Stavad said, that the directive has been "cleared off the table", to be re-presented at a later date. In fact, six out of fifteen EU member countries did not agree with the proposed text: Spain, France, Belgium, Austria, Denmark and Greece.

Codex Draft Guidelines: A "Translation"

Over the last 25 years, I have talked to thousands of nutritional supplement consumers.  Together we have gained important information about nutrition and health, and we continue to learn - just last month I learned that the well-known function of vitamin D in facilitating the proper utilization of calcium may be much more crucial than we suspected, and that at current recommended levels, there may be a widespread state of chronic, subclinical vitamin D deficiency that adversely affects a vast array of bodily functions.  (See

An Important Message to all United States Consumers of Supplements

The disappearing vitamins...

Imagine going to your local vitamin store to pick up your favorite multivitamin, vitamin C 500 mg, and some vitamin E 400iu, only to be told that they are no longer available and if you wish to purchase them you will have to visit your doctor and get a prescription.

This scenario is probable if the Codex Commission succeeds in their mission to restrict high potency supplements, to regulate supplements as drugs, and to reduce access to therapeutic nutrients.

Massive Multinational Assault on Alternative Medicines

Copyright Joe Vialls, 2 May 2003

            In less than seven days!   " The ever-compliant media immediately started circulating rumors about “that dangerous Travacalm”, and hinted at mixing machines not being cleaned properly between blending batches of different products. One former employee was produced on television, to state that he was only allowed one hour to clean his mixing machine between batches instead of three hours, and that was that.  The media fix was in, despite a total lack of evidence."