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Codex (Health)


Excerpted from a Feb 2005 Vitality Magazine article

by Helke Ferrie

If the following were a horror movie, we could all sit back with our popcorn and enjoy it. Unfortunately, this is not fiction, and if we don't do something about it, this nightmare will soon become waking reality in the USA and Canada.

Britain is preparing to take vitamins off the shelves

With controversial new European Union regulations on vitamin supplements set to

take effect in August, thousands of Britons are wondering what will happen when they cannot get the vitamins they have depended on for so long. With pre-natal supplements, multivitamin supplements and megadoses of vitamin C on the chopping block, many consumers are concerned about their ability to stay healthy under these new laws.

VITAMINS: The assault intensifies

Industry watchers have been forecasting the imminent demise of the drug companies after all the bad news about their harmful products has finally reached the media. If this highly premature and optimistic eventuality does occur, it won't happen before the pharmaceuticals' thousands of lobbyists and pressure groups have brought down the nutritional manufacturers.

Codex Alimentarius

by William Campbell Douglas II, M.D.

The Big Carrot is Toronto's largest health food store. As in the United States, people in Canada are starting to take responsibility for their own health and this has alarmed the doctors, the pharmaceutical industry, and the government.

On March 26, 1997, The Big Carrot was inspected by a Health Protection Branch (HPB — Canada's version of the FDA) official and presented with a registered letter implying that as many as a third of the products sold on the premises were in violation of the DIN drug directorate policies.

The Großklaus risk assessment model: What Germany Will Impose on the Planet Via Codex

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Action Required to Save Our Access to Nutrients - Critical

by Chris Gupta

Dietary supplements cause nearly no injury, to the contrary, they improve health. Hence, it is totally absurd applying drug type risk assessment models to them. It is both unnecessary and inappropriate. Unlike nutrients, no one is deficient of toxic drugs. In fact there is great risk of injury if normally essential nutrients are restricted - it is akin to preventing people to eat without a prescription.

Codex and Nutritional Supplements

Now let's zero in on one specific area within Codex jurisdiction - Vitamin and Mineral Supplements.

Within the vast array of topics covered by Codex, the American Holistic Health Association (AHHA) was motivated to create this site in response to developments that have the potential for threatening our freedom of choice for unrestricted access to nutritional supplements.

What is Codex?

Start with the "big picture."

Codex is a huge international project with a vast organizational structure and great power. Here are brief descriptions of some key elements.

Codex Alimentarius is a set of international standards for food quality and safety established to protect the health of consumers and ensure fair practices in the food trade.

Food is defined as any substance, whether processed, semi-processed or raw, which is intended for human consumption.