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Coconut Oil

5 Ways to Boldly Face the Onslaught of Sugary Holiday Treats and Desserts

Heather Callaghan, December 20,2015
Many of us will partake in treats this holiday – this is a call to those who are dreading the holidays for their temptations and want strength to do what’s best for them.

Only 1 TBSP of Coconut Oil Produces Powerful Health Changes, Study Confirms

Sayer Ji, GrePosted on November 16, 2015
A new study titled, “A coconut extra virgin oil-rich diet increases HDL cholesterol and decreases waist circumference and body mass in coronary artery disease patients,” holds great promisein those suffering from overweight, obesity, and heightened cardiovascular disease risk, and against which pharmaceutical approaches often fail.

Oil pulling can reduce gum disease, improve oral health and decrease risk of heart and pregnancy issues

By Lilley: (NaturalNews) Brushing your teeth and keeping your mouth clean aren't just about keeping your teeth white and your breath smelling super fresh. Although those things do matter and are a big reason many of us maintain our oral health, there is a lot more to it than that; your overall health is actually affected by how well you do -- or do not -- take care of your mouth.

What are the healthiest cooking oils?

By Ravensthrope: (NaturalNews) The average consumer today is spoiled for choice when it comes to cooking oils. Most stores (including health food stores) in the West tend to be packed with oils of various colors, tastes and origins, and it can be difficult to distinguish the healthy ones from the unhealthy ones.

Healthy high-fat diet protects the brain from aging

By Gutierrez: (NaturalNews) A diet high in healthy fats may actually slow the aging process, including stemming off the brain degeneration associated with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Center for Healthy Aging, University of Copenhagen and the Nationals Institute of Health, and published in the journal Cell Metabolism. The study was funded by the Nordea-fonden through the Center for Healthy Aging.

Four reasons to love coconut oil

Few foods, with the possible exception of eggs, have had their reputations so completely demolished in the 20th century as coconut oil. Even as late as the 1990s, this edible oil, which is extracted from the kernels or flesh of matured coconuts, continued to be demonized in the media as a great contributor to heart disease due to its significant saturated fat content.

Sheeple are asleep at the wheel of health

All across America, the media tells people what to think. It's designed by advertising experts to be delivered in such a manner that the lies are simple and easy to understand. Nearly every billboard near highway exits advertises GMO food and bedbug-ridden hotels that seem inviting and convenient. Every nutrition TV show or segment focuses on something interesting, and then leaves you off to wonder between poor choices. The advertisements tell the whole story. If you want to know whether you are being empowered or controlled by your choice of health news, just judge the advertisements. Are they nearly all about chemical drugs with insane side effects? Are they nearly all about genetically modified, processed, toxic food? Aren't they nearly all about products that contain toxic ingredients that your skin absorbs?