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Cocoa and Cacao, What’s The Real Difference?

What is the difference between cocoa and cacao? Other than a few rearranged letters, at first glance, your answer might be “not much.” I have spent more than a few trips to the grocery store scratching my head, wondering if the more cost-efficient cocoa was really the same as the more expensive cacao.

Well, here’s the answer: cacao and cocoa are the same thing. Yet very different.


Can We Reduce Wrinkles With Cocoa?

Ayala Laufer-Cahana, M.D., 12/02/2015
The good news keeps on coming. After a large study found that coffee can save your life (well, not really, but coffee drinkers had lower mortality rates), a new study suggests cocoa can make your skin supple and radiant during that long, happy life, brought to you by 3-5 coffee cups a day.

Top health benefits of cocoa

Cocoa products are very popular throughout the world. Whether it is eating a high-quality chocolate for a decadent snack or chocolate sauce added to the dessert of the evening, cocoa often tops the list of favorite foods for people across the globe. Many people do not realize that cocoa offers significant health benefits that can help them rationalize those times when they indulge in their favorite food, even if they are not supposed to do so.