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Left-wing “intellectual” Noam Chomsky says Christians, not ISIS terrorists, are the real threat to the world

The most insidious threat to world peace isn’t radical Islamic terrorism, runaway climate change, or even a nuclear holocaust stemming from World War III.

Christian pastors are being arrested in the UK for preaching the word of God… while UK tyrants protect Islamic radicals

Freedom of speech in the United Kingdom is under attack after a Christian preacher was arrested for sharing his faith in the public square.

Christian Printer Punished by the Gov’t for Refusing to Print Gay Pride T-Shirts Scored a Major Victory Earlier This Year. But the Battle Isn’t Over.

Billy Hallowell, Dec. 31, 2015
Much attention this week has surrounded Christian bakers who were forced to pay nearly $137,000 after refusing to make a lesbian wedding cake, but there’s also a noteworthy development in a separate case involving a printer who declined to make gay pride-themed T-shirts.