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Childrens Health

Four years after Clinton's victory over sugary drinks in public schools, they're more widely available than ever

It was only four years ago that, with much fanfare, former President Bill Clinton announced the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a project of the William J. Clinton Foundation and the American Heart Association.

Prevention & Treatment of Vaccine Damages

Cruelty toward babies starts at birth. It really starts before birth but that is another tale. Many parents have heard horror stories, and have serious doubts about vaccinating. Even that first injection of vitamin K is not without risk and danger.

Get your children away from the TV - Physical fitness makes smarter brains

Want to raise healthy and smart children? Then don't allow them to be couch potatoes. Exercise, it turns out, does more than benefit the body and overall health -- physical fitness builds smarter brains in youngsters, too.

Save school lunch from snack-happy government standards

The biggest news about the Child Nutrition Act pending in Congress isn't increased funding, or more vegetables and whole grains in school meals. The reason we need this bill passed now is to save children from government standards that are destroying kids' health.