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FLUORIDE ALERT: Slowly Poisoning the Children? –Part 1

Despite volumes of research and reports on serious health effects from fluoride toxicity and overload in children, the Ohio Department of Health (and other states) has restarted programs in schools to have children rinse with fluoride and have teeth sealed with fluoride BPA-containing materials.

Millions of children misdiagnosed with ADHD for being younger than their classmates

Research out of Michigan State University (MSU) has revealed that nearly a million children, and counting, may have been misdiagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) simply for being younger, and thus more immature, than the other kids in their grade.

Vitamin D needed for both mother and baby: Study

Feeding children vitamin D-rich foods and supplements after birth may be too late to ensure optimal bone health if mom’s intake was inadequate during pregnancy, new data has revealed.

Up to 95 percent of infants are vitamin D deficient but only 1 percent get vitamin D supplements

Two studies published in the journal Pediatrics highlight that although vitamin D deficiency is widespread among infants in the United States, most pediatricians remain unaware of the problem.