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Methanol toxicity from aspartame may cause autism, spina bifida, preterm delivery and more

The issue hardly gets as much attention as it deserves, but the extreme toxicity of the artificial sweetener aspartame is wrecking human health on a massive scale.

78 percent increase in childhood autism rates over past decade coincides with sharp uptick in vaccination schedules

The rate of autism among American children has nearly doubled over the past decade

Baby receives cocktail of seven vaccines, loses ability to speak, recovers with homeopathic shock remedies

Baby Irene's dad agreed with his homeopathic physician, Hannah Eagle, about the dangers of vaccines.

Infant heart failure and vitamin D supplementation

Heart failure is a condition where the body can’t pump enough blood to meet the needs of its body. When we think of heart failure, we think of older persons whose heart has worn out, not 4-month-old infants.