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Soda Drinks And The Disturbing Facts About What They Are Doing To Young Girls

Reports continue to show the detriments of soda on the body. Not only is it nutritionally void, it causes obesity, diabetes, and cancer.
ccording to researchers from Harvard School of Public Health, liquid sugar is permanently changing little girls’ hormones. The findings were published in the journal Human Reproduction.

Common Sense and the Insanity of Hepatitis B Vaccination

The hepatitis B vaccination is one that even pro-vaccinators should question from a common sense perspective. The vaccination is now routinely given at birth for newborns, with follow-up vaccines scheduled during infancy.
This disease is one that is fairly rare, and more common in adults in high risk groups, including those who are sexually promiscuous, along with drug abusers who share needles.
The health risks of giving this vaccination to healthy newborns are relatively high and include death and permanent disability. The promised protection from hepatitis B is an empty promise at best. Even the makers of the vaccine do not guarantee that the vaccine provides any lasting immunity from hepatitis B.

Mom Faces Criminal Charges Because Officials Think Being a Vegan Endangers Her Baby

Liz Dwyer, 2 May 2016
Seminole County, Fla., resident Sarah Markham has been put through the ringer since she refused to give her infant son formula that may have contained animal by-products.

Of Dairy, Almond Milk, Formula, and Common Sense

Jon Barron, 02/06/2016
The most recent issue of the journal Pediatrics reported on a case of scurvy diagnosed in an infant after being fed nothing but a blend of almond milk and almond flour from 2.5 to 11.0 months of life

Scandal: Top EPA official resigns following “irreversible” effects of lead poisoning among Michigan children

Both state and federal regulatory agencies failed the people of Flint, Michigan, by declining to take action after discovering the presence of high levels of lead in the community’s water supply.

Honey Wraps – Cures Strong Cough And Removes Mucus From The Lungs In Just One Night! Especially Efficient For Children

health freedom alliagnce, 28 December 2015
This magnificent and natural remedy is used in treating colds and it is also used in treating diseases of the respiratory tract.