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Fracking Hazards Obscured In Failure To Disclose Wells

Seeking to quell environmental concerns about the chemicals it shoots underground to extract oil and natural gas, Apache Corp. (APA) told shareholders in April that it disclosed information about “all the company’s U.S. hydraulic fracturing jobs” on a website last year.

Did You Have ANY Idea this Happens at Fast Food Restaurants You Eat At?

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at fast food restaurants? Fast-food insiders (i.e. former employees) reveal a slew of nasty secrets that may make you think twice about ever eating in one of these restaurants again …

Plastic invasion The consequences of convenience on the human body

By Kit Stolz 07/05/2012

A revolutionary change overtook America beginning in the l960s, and it’s one that had nothing to do with the usual suspects — long hair, war, sex or rock and roll.

It was an environmental change, but American pop culture noticed it long before mainstream science and medicine awoke to its consequences.

A movie put it to us as succinctly as possible. In The Graduate, a naive, confused college grad, representing his generation, was given advice from a businessman named McGuire.

Exposure to household chemical in utero increases risk of childhood eczema

Children whose mothers were exposed to a common household chemical while pregnant were found to have an increased risk of developing eczema.

Red alert for humanity: Chemical damage can be inherited by offspring through unlimited generations Learn more:

Groundbreaking new science reveals that the harmful effects of exposure to synthetic chemicals are passed from generation to generation via "epigenetics," causing measurable damage to future generations even if those offspring are never exposed to the original chemical.