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Count chemicals, not calories, to stay slim and healthy, doctor says

By Goodrich:(NaturalNews) Over the past decade, we have been on a calorie-counting mission to improve our health and weight. We have been so obsessed with the number of calories on the label that we have actually forgotten what really matters.

USA Today recently reported that the nutrition labels of more than 700,000 packaged foods are getting a makeover in the near future. With growing rates of people being overweight or obese, the aim is to make people more aware of what and how much they consume. The focus will be on calories, added sugars and realistic serving sizes.

Drugs and chemicals are polluting swimming pools, endangering health, researchers warn

By Wilson: (NaturalNews) Soaking up the summer sun while splashing around in the pool is probably the last thing on your mind, or is it? It being the dead of winter may have you dreaming about warm, sunny days complete with family and friends hanging out poolside, maybe even grilling some grass-fed burgers.

If you own a pool, or even if you simply swim in your neighborhood's community pool, you may want to consider the results of a new study involving chlorine, that harsh chemical commonly used to disinfect the water.

Lawsuit Launched as Testing Finds Cancer-Causing Chemical in Nearly 100 Hair Care and Personal Care Products

Testing finds dozens of shampoos, soaps, bubble baths, and other products sold by Walmart, Target, Babies R Us and other national retailers in violation of California law

Sewage flowing into the Great Lakes has only half of drugs and chemicals removed

An International Joint Commission report, conducted by scientists from both the US and Canada, finds that the Great Lakes region is being severely over-contaminated with chemicals and prescription drugs that are bypassing treatment methods at sewage treatment plants.

Doctor not allowed to warn patients of hazardous fracking chemicals, federal judge rules

Recently, a small town Pennsylvania doctor was denied the right of access to information about specific chemical types and quantities used in fracking to better handle poisoned patients or warn them of the toxic potentials from fracking well sites near them.

Chemical industry never developed methods to assess multiple chemical exposure health risks

According to the latest available statistics, there are more than 80,000 approved chemicals currently in commercial use. But believe it or not, only a few hundred of these chemicals have ever gone through proper safety testing by their manufacturers or by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) prior to hitting the market. And fewer still have been tested in variable combinations with other chemicals, even though this is how most people are exposed to them on a daily basis.

World exclusive: Unacceptable Levels film exposes chemical holocaust now devastating humanity

An exciting new film has just been announced: "Unacceptable Levels" exposes the hidden world of toxic chemicals now inundating society and destroying our health worldwide.