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World’s first non-battery cell phone “harvests” ambient radio waves to power itself

A team of computer scientists and electrical engineers at the University of Washington have designed and unveiled the world’s first battery-free mobile phone that makes use of ambient radio waves or light to function. The phone was touted to “harvest” a few microwatts of power from the said sources to send and receive calls. The team even reported placing Skype calls using the battery-free phone, which demonstrated that it can be used to receive and transmit speech and communicate with a base station. The phone was made of commercial, off-the-shelf components.

Cell Phones Could be Causing the Rise in Deadly Brain Tumor Rates

If exposure to mobile phone frequencies could cause cancer, what explains the falling cancer rates? A great question. Within the past year or so, this question is slowly being answered and its implications are deeply worrying.

Whilst the total number of cancers are falling in some countries, certain ‘rare’ types of brain tumors are rising and these tumors are associated with studies looking at the usage of mobile phones.

EMF dangers revealed: California hid ‘health guidelines’ document on safe cell phone use since 2010

It has come to light that a key document containing important guidelines regarding safe cell phone use has been kept from the public – especially the threat of EMF pollution. The California health department has potentially put millions of people at increased risk of cancer by hiding this document.

The guidelines were meant to enlighten the public about the risks of cell phone radiation and EMF exposure. The document contains best practices for avoiding harm and staying safe while using a cell phone. Minimizing EMF exposure crucial to safe cell phone use