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You can now EAT your favorite celebrity, you cannibal!

Salami is people, at least if it's made by a new startup company calling itself "Bite Labs," whose CEO admittedly wants to convert more people into accepting as normal the idea of lab-grown meat. As explained on the company's website, consumers may soon be able to purchase meat products like salami rolls derived from the actual cells of their favorite celebrities, the tangible equivalent of modern-day cannibalism disguised as saving the planet.

Sports celebrities routinely endorse unhealthy junk foods - Study

Young audiences, especially teenagers, look up to sports stars as role models of fitness and athleticism. A new study finds that sports celebrities are routinely misleading young audiences because of their commercial endorsements of unhealthy junk foods. When a television commercial comes on showing Peyton Manning drinking a Gatorade, an entire generation is misled. Gatorade is a sugary drink that makes the body more acidic.