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carcinogenic pesticides

World's top glyphosate experts unanimously agree: Monsanto herbicide is cancerous to humans

(NaturalNews) The ruling by the International Agency for Research on Cancer classifying glyphosate (Roundup) as a probable carcinogen, has garnered widespread media attention, yet many people are still ignorant about what exactly this means.
According to senior IARC scientist, Kurt Straif, it means that the world's top experts on the subject reviewed all existing research into links between glyphosate and cancer before reaching that conclusion.
The only experts who were not involved in the review were those with financial conflicts of interest.

100% of Portugal's citizens have glyphosate in their urine... alarms sounding over the mass chemical poisoning of humanity with cancer-causing weed killer

(NaturalNews) Recent tests by the Portuguese No GMO Coalition showed that volunteers in the country had extremely high levels of glyphosate in their urine, placing their contamination rate well above that of many places in Europe. Every single one of the 26 volunteers had cancer-causing glyphosate in their urine; similar tests in Switzerland last year found glyphosate in only 38 percent of people.

Dow sells twice as much cancer-causing 1,3-D, despite the pesticide being technically illegal

By Benson:(NaturalNews) A chemical pesticide that was outlawed nearly 25 years ago is once again being used in California by conventional strawberry farmers, according to information obtained by The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR).[1] This is despite copious evidence that the noxious substance is killing the environment and harming humans.