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Judge Rules Insurance Company Must Recognize Medical Cannabis

A judge in New Jersey ruled that a man’s insurance company must pay for the cost of his medical cannabis treatment. This may establish an important precedent in the medical industry.

Andrew Watson, who lives in Egg Harbor, New Jersey, enrolled in the state’s medical cannabis program in 2014. He sought financial reimbursement for the purchase of medicinal cannabis over a term of three months.

‘I Was Wrong”: Former Judge Treated With Cannabis Oil Immediately Regrets Having Sent People to Jail for It

Medicinal marijuana is getting a surprising supporter but makes complete sense.

On January 3 this year, Amendment 2 went into effect regarding the use of medical marijuana for debilitating medical conditions in Florida. The state failed to set rules for this legislation, which supporters argue were too restrictive. Now, it is up to the Florida Department of Health to set the regulations, which it will do by July 3, 2017.



As a next step, the researchers hope to conduct a clinical trial to investigate whether THC also reverses aging processes and improves cognitive ability in the human brain.

A joint study by German and Israeli scientists has found that the active ingredient in marijuana improves memory performance and cognitive functioning in old mice when given in small controlled doses.


Information Is Being Censored About Medical Marijuana

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