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Cancer fighting nutrients become deadly when combined with chlorinated tap water

Some of nature’s most valuable and essential anti-cancer and anti-disease phytochemical nutrients which are commonly found in food have been discovered to form deadly cancer causing substances when consumed or combined with chlorinated tap water. This discovery includes familiar foods including soy, fruits, vegetables, tea, many health products, and even some vitamins.


Cancer is second leading cause of death in the US

According to the National Cancer Institute, about 1,228,600 new cancer cases were expected to be diagnosed in the year 2000. Since 1990, approximately 11 million new cancer cases have been diagnosed.

In the year 2000 about 564,800 Americans were expected to die of cancer, more than 1,500 people a day. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the U.S., exceeded only by heart disease.


Treating thyroid tumor with Fulvic acid

Report on ten case studies

Thyroid tumor, a commonly seen ailment, has been treated by thyroidectomy surgical procedure (thyroid gland removal).

From March 1977 to April 1980, Dr. Shenyi He and his coworkers treated 10 patients with fulvic acid. The results were successful. Follow up visits with the patients showed that in eight cases the tumor disappeared without relapse. Details are listed below:


Age, Gender Affect Melanoma Chemo Success

Wed Oct 23, 2002

NICE (Reuters Health) - Women with melanoma that has metastasized, or spread, respond more readily to chemotherapy than men, and the effect is particularly strong for older women, according to research presented here Saturday at the European Society for Medical Oncology congress.

Some studies have suggested that women with the disease have improved survival compared to men, noted Dr. Juri Bulat from the Cancer Research Center in Moscow.


Clinical Procedures in Treating Terminally Ill Cancer Patients with Vitamin C

by Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D

Let me tell you what I am not. I am not an oncologist, I'm not a pathologist, I'm not a GP, I am a psychiatrist. Therefore you may want to know what a psychiatrist is doing messing about with cancer. I think that'sa legitimate question so I'd like to tell you briefly how I got into this very interesting field.

In 1951, I was made director of psychiatric research for the Department of Health for the province of Saskatchewan. I didn't really know what to do. I had one major advantage, I think, over my colleagues.


Orthomolecular Treatment of Cancer

"After breakfast, I visited Linus Pauling who was staying in the room next to mine. When I walked in he was busy with a hand calculator.  I told him that on the basis of my fifty patients I had concluded that he and Dr. Cameron were right, that vitamin C in large doses did improve enormously the outcome of treatment for cancer."

By Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D., FRCP(C)


Between 1978 and March, 1999 I have seen over 1040 patients suffering from cancer who came to me for nutritional and psychiatric counseling.


Blood Test Catches Prostate Cancer-Report

Wed Oct 16, 2002

By Maggie Fox

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A test that can detect ovarian cancer using a single drop of blood can also catch prostate cancer, potentially saving many men the embarrassment and discomfort of a biopsy, researchers said on Tuesday.

It found prostate cancer in 95% of men whose cancer was confirmed by more conventional means, and also screened out men suspected of having cancer, the researchers reported.

"This new technology has the potential to revolutionize how men are diagnosed with prostate cancer,&quo


My Opinion on Cancer

(author unknown)

It's still legal to have an opinion in America...(But not for long)

In 1901 it was estimated that 1 out of 80 Americans had cancer. Today 1 out of 3 people in America have cancer. By the year 2001 it is estimated that 1 out of 2 Americans will have cancer... Not only is cancer on the rise but diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's, arthritis, chronic fatigue, and a lot more... Why?