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Potency Of Pumpkin Seeds

kardon, November 20, 2015
The pumpkin seeds are considered to be amongst one of the healthiest super foods, which cure a number of ailments. Its plentiful antioxidants, enzymes, iron, zinc, vitamins C and K, and fiber make it one of nature’s great health foods.

The hotter the better?

Bob Livingston, 2015
A Chinese study on the spicy food consumption of nearly half a million people aged 30-70 has found that those who frequently consumed spicy food showed a lower risk of death from cancer, ischaemic heart disease and respiratory system diseases.

Shock study:Chemotherapy can backfire, make cancer worse by triggering tumor growth

Dr. Eliezer Ben-Joseph, November 13, 2015
Scientists found that healthy cells damaged by chemotherapy secreted more of a protein called WNT16B, which boosts cancer cell survival.

Dear Ladies, Mammograms Are A Scam. Let’s End The Madness

I am going to show you a study which will blow your mind. A study that shows, in plain English, that our coveted mammograms just don’t work. I am going to contend that mammograms are a big, for-profit, machine that do nothing to help women evade the dark clutches of cancer.

Japanese Doctor Explained How to Stop Cancer: Just Half an Hour From Your Time and You Will be Protected in The Next Two Months

health freedom alliance, 5 November 2015
Scientists from Japan have found that a tradition called Shinri-ioku still remains strong, and why this is so, the reasons are of biochemical nature.