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RFID tracking armbands forced on all residents near California music festival

Local residents living within a one-mile radius of the venue for the popular Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, which takes place annually in Indio, California, got an advanced preview of the emerging American police state this year. According to a recent report by the Los Angeles Times (LAT), the Coachella's use of RFID (radio-frequency identification) wristbands to track attendees has been extended beyond just ticket holders to residents living around the Empire Polo Field where the festival takes place, even though forcing these tracking chips on the public is against the law.

Obamacare sticker shock: 146 percent rate increases to be triggered in California

"You can keep your current health insurance." "You can keep your doctor." "I will not sign a [health care reform] bill that adds one dime to the deficit." And this whopper: "Insurance rates will go down under health care reform."

California Police Break Down Door Without Warrant, Taze Person Filming In Front Of Wife And Kids

Police are called out to an apartment for a noise compliant by the neighbors. The three occupants inside non-aggressively exercise their fourth amendment right, refusing the police entry as they demand at gun point to let them inside without a search warrant or probable cause.

Majority of Southern California's airspace to be declared test range for drone

Don't look now, Southern Californians, but the remaining shreds of your privacy rights - and they are threadbare already, to be sure - are about to vanish into the dustbin of history, if the "see everything all of the time" crowd gets its way.

Dead sea lions washing on shore in California appear to have died from radiation poisoning

An unusual surge of stranded dying and dead sea lions (seals) have littered Southern California beaches from Santa Barbara to San Diego since earlier this year. Most of the area newspapers and media outlets have been alarmingly reporting this unusual phenomenon.

Planned economic destruction continues in California as water purification company denied permit to sell lifesaving product

Have you ever heard of a product called Polar Pure Water Disinfectant? If the state of California and the Drug Enforcement Administration have their way, you may never hear of it again.