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California pushing measles scare story after just one in a million people contract rare disease

Public health officials in California are having a meltdown following confirmation that 32 children thus far have contracted measles in the Golden State this year, up from three confirmed cases this same time last year. And news reports obviously crafted to generate fear and push more people to get vaccinated are surfacing all across the internet in response, even though the current infection rate represents only about one in a million people.

California seeks to remove toxins from consumer goods

California is ripe for its share of disbelief and criticism over some offbeat policies and social mandates, but one thing that residents of the state are consistent about is their attempt to identify and rid themselves of harmful substances.

California senator introduces new GMO labeling bill providing greater clarity than Prop 37

Under the current agricultural paradigm in America, food grown from lab-engineered seeds is accepted, labeled and sold like its real, whole food. There is no mention on the label of its synthetic origins or the potentially dangerous doses of herbicides used.

California to accelerate economic implosion by forcing businesses to pay for sick days of hourly workers

There is one thing to be said about having a desire to help those in need, but when that kind of compassion turns into a cult-like political ideology, it can turn into something ugly and harmful.

Not giving up the fight: California county proposes GMO labeling legislation

Even though California's Proposition 37 failed to pass at the polls, the push for mandatory labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is still alive and well in California's wine country. As reported by the Napa Valley Register (NVR), the Napa County Local Food Advisory Council is set to issue a formal recommendation to the local Board of Supervisors urging agencies and officials at the state and federal levels to support mandatory GMO labeling, the latest effort in the ongoing fight for the "right to know."

California's New Vaccine Exemption Law - Above the Law?

California's AB 2109 was passed into law in 2012 and takes effect January 1, 2014. The new CA law ( will require parents exercising an exemption to immunizations to provide a letter or affidavit to document which required immunizations have been given and which have not been given on the basis that they are contrary to the parent's beliefs; and beginning on January 1, 2014, the letter or affidavit has to be accompanied by a State Department of Public Health form signed by a health care practitioner saying that he or she provided the parent "information regarding the benefits and risks of the immunization and the health risks of specified communicable diseases," and a written statement by the parent indicating that he or she received the information from the health care practitioner. (Seriously? the doctor's signature alone is not convincing?) California's Governor Brown, when signing AB 2109 into law, directed the Department of Public Health to allow for a separate religious exemption on the form, so that people whose religious beliefs are opposed vaccinations won't be required to seek a health care practitioner's signature. The Department complied, and included a religious exemption in its form.

California's warrantless DNA collection law faces criticism from civil liberties advocates

Civil rights groups allege that a California law allowing police to collect DNA samples without a warrant not only invades the privacy of innocent people but also places them at risk of false arrest and imprisonment.

What Hemp Legalization Means for California

Although not quite as groundbreaking as recreational marijuana legalization, a big victory has been won for hemp advocates in California. Governor Jerry Brown officially signed SB 566, the California Industrial Hemp Farming Act into law, making it legal for farmers to cultivate industrial hemp as a commercial crop without fear of fines or arrest.