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Calcium Supplements

This is Why 9 Out Of 10 People Should Stop Taking Their Calcium Supplement Immediately

health freedom alliance, 12 March 2016
When it comes to health and nutrition, many blogs, and writers talk about getting more nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and all the good stuff in your diet by eating more whole foods.

Calcium Guidelines Challenged by Meta-Analyses

<strong><h5><p>The bulk of the evidence does not support guidelines that recommend a minimum calcium intake, including those from the Institute of Medicine, according to the authors of two new systematic reviews and meta-analyses.</strong><h5><p/>

Government Gets it Wrong Again: U.S. Recommendation for Vitamin D and Calcium Supplementation is Too Low

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) reviewed the evidence regarding vitamin D and calcium supplementation for preventing cancer and osteoporotic fractures in adults and concluded that there is insufficient evidence to assess the balance of the benefits and harms of vitamin D with or without calcium for the primary prevention of cancer [1].