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The Great Wall Street Sucking Sound

Ever wonder how investment bankers, a breed known in the past more for its social skills and golf handicaps than for its mathematical prowess, ever invented products like those crazily sophisticated, synthetic collateralized debt obligations that brought down the financial system?

Amazon's looming state tax headache: Could Prime offset a worst case scenario?

Amazon’s tax battle with cash-strapped states continues and the various skirmishes could take years to resolve. The big question is what happens to Amazon in a worst-case scenario where it has to collect sales taxes in every state.

Vendors caught price gouging for potassium iodide pills as citizens panic over nuclear fallout fear

Those looking for potassium iodide to help offset the health-devastating effects of a potentially widespread nuclear fallout may be shocked to discover that many vendors of the product have significantly raised their prices since March 11, the day of the massive 9.0+ Japanese earthquake and tsunami.