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EPA declares hay a pollutant in effort to drive small, mid-sized family cattle ranchers out of business

The assault against American industry and individual livelihood continues -- and no, it is not coming from Al-Qaeda or other foreign terrorists.

U.S. Set To File Suits Against Big Banks Over Mortgages

The agency that oversees mortgage markets is preparing to file suit against more than a dozen big banks, accusing them of misrepresenting the quality of mortgages they packaged and sold during the housing bubble, The New York Times reported on Thursday.


Obama tells farmer no need to worry about government over-regulation of agriculture

During a town hall meeting yesterday, when an Illinois farmer told President Obama he was concerned about upcoming regulations regarding the Food Safety Modernization Act and would rather be farming than "filling out forms and permits," Obama had choice words to offer in reply: "Don't always believe what you hear."

State Accuses Bank of America Unit of Thousands of Illegal Foreclosures

State Attorney General Rob McKenna has accused a Bank of America unit of conducting thousands of illegal foreclosures in Washington, in which he said the company had confused homeowners, made it nearly impossible to save their homes, and failed to act as a neutral third party.