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Brussels sprouts

How to Cook Broccoli

Michael Greger, February 9th, 2016
When I used to teach medical students at Tufts, I gave a lecture about this amazing new therapeutic called “iloccor-B.” I’d talk about all the new science, all the things it could do, its excellent safety profile.

In the kitchen with Kelley: Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Kelley Martin: Believe it or not, my children love Brussels sprouts. I credit their father. He’s a Brit, and so he eats some different stuff, foods he grew up eating. And he’s exposed my children to a lot of it. So they eat leeks and parsnips and Brussels sprouts — vegetables I never ate as a child growing up in the South. In fact, I never even heard of leeks and parsnips until I met their dad.

The amazing health benefits of Brussels sprouts

The Brussels sprout is a plant widely cultivated in Europe for its edible green vegetables. These vegetables, which resemble diminutive cabbages, are usually steamed or boiled and then added to meat-based dishes, including traditional Christmas dinners.