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Mother kicked out of casino for breastfeeding; was accused of being a "security threat"

By Wilson: (NaturalNews) A 24-year-old Pennsylvania mom says she was asked to leave a casino in Maryland after she was discovered breastfeeding her 7-week-old infant in the lobby on January 3. Alanna Panas explained that, at the last minute, she, her boyfriend and her father had decided to go to the casino after a family dinner.

Facebook hates breastfeeding: Woman's account banned for posting live birth photos

If you're a woman who wants to have a natural childbirth at home - and then document the wonderful moments on your favorite social media site with comments and photos - you might want to think twice. You could be in violation of anti-pornography policies.

Breastfeeding proven to lower risk of Alzheimer's in moms

As more research becomes available, it is increasingly clear that breastfeeding children provides infinitely more long-term health benefits to both baby and mom. Now, a new study shows that mothers who breast feed run a lower risk of developing Alzheimer's disease later in life.