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Breast Cancer

Doctors removing healthy breasts unnecessarily

You've probably heard the news about several celebrities who've gone public with their decision to have their non-cancerous breasts removed and replaced with breast implants so they never have to worry about breast cancer. This must be because there is a strong likelihood these women will suffer from breast cancer if they don't have mastectomies, right? Wrong.

Effect of Three Decades of Screening Mammography on Breast-Cancer Incidence

To reduce mortality, screening must detect life-threatening disease at an earlier, more curable stage. Effective cancer-screening programs therefore both increase the incidence of cancer detected at an early stage and decrease the incidence of cancer presenting at a late stage.

Breast Cancer and Stress, Younger Women Take Note

In women ages 25 to 45, a clear link has been established between stress and breast cancer risk1. Women with two or more traumatic events had a 62 percent greater risk, whereas women who were able to maintain a positive and optimistic outlook had 25 percent less risk.

New science shows ultrasounds work better than mammograms at detecting breast cancer

The annual ritual of radioactive breast poisoning known as mammography has taken a huge hit in the scientific community, as a new study out of Seattle, Washington, recently found that simple ultrasounds, which emit harmless sound waves rather than ionizing radiation, work far better than mammograms at detecting malignant breast tumors.