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Wired for Destruction: Negative Thoughts can Literally Destroy Your Brain

health freedom alliance, 9 February 2016
It’s nothing earth shattering to point out that negative thoughts can have a negative impact on your life, but did you know that our brains are actually wired to focus on negative thoughts?

Scientists Confirm This Spice Prevents Fluoride From Destroying Your Brain

health freedom alliance, 30 December 2015
Today, fluoride is everywhere. Dentists push fluoride treatments on us, it’s in our tap water, it’s in our commercial toothpastes and mouth washes – whether or not you think fluoride is bad, come on, we can all agree that it’s wrong for the government to forcibly medicate us by adding it to so many things, right?

The Brains Of Hyperpolyglots, People Who Speak 6 Or More Languages, Function Differently Than Ours

Dana Dovey, Nov 12, 2015
Language is our human birthright. Children, barely able to feed or clothe themselves, quickly master the basics of languages they’re exposed to with next to no instruction.

Adults Can Grow New Brain Cells: How Neurogenesis Works

Lecia Bushak, November 24, 2015
For those of you over the age of 25, have no fear when it comes to improving your brain: Evidence shows that neurogenesis, or the brain’s production of new neurons, continues well into adulthood.