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Three Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Abdominal Planks

When it comes to exercise, sometimes doing simple movements will result in big gains. One of the exercises that challenge many areas of fitness is by doing abdominal planks. It may appear easy to do, but it is truly quite challenging!

PTSD successfully treated with integrative treatments: Healing touch and guided imagery

A newly released study has found that healing touch, in combination with guided imagery (HT+GI) provides dramatic clinical reductions in post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, symptoms for military personnel who have been exposed to combat.

7 surprising things you're not supposed to know about sunscreen and sunlight exposure

Ask somebody about sunscreen and you're likely to receive an earful of disinformation from a person who has been repeatedly misinformed by health authorities and the mainstream media.

Learn how to live vibrantly through a better understanding of the body, illness, and disease prevention

The key to real health is not simply avoiding disease and getting by, but also equipping the body so that it can function with true vigor and vibrancy.