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Thank You New York Times IRS Questioned About Our Questions

Thanks to The New York Times, we achieved a measure of success in DC last Tuesday in our attempt to get the media to include some of our side of the story in its coverage of the press conference held at the Treasury Department to announce a new agreement between state and federal tax officials to fight “abusive tax avoidance schemes”. More on that in a moment. 

Attending the event were officials from Treasury, IRS and nine of the 40 states that have signed the agreement. We believe about thirty print and broadcast reporters from the dominant media were in attendance.  

People Are Responding

We have finalized the draft of the Ad we wish to publish soon in the nationwide edition of USA Today to
publicly announce our historic class action lawsuit.

The Ad is a short, somber, non-political message that will reach and hopefully capture the attention of millions of People who are concerned about the direction America is heading at home and abroad, and who agree that the government is required to answer the People's Petitions regarding its unconstitutional behaviors.

WTP-TV January 7, 2003 (Transcript)


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