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Same corporations that manufacture vaccines are killing half a million people annually with deadly psychiatric drugs

By Benson:

(NaturalNews) Psychiatric medications are not only useless, but they're responsible for killing at least 500,000 people aged 65 years and older every single year. This is the shocking conclusion of a new meta-analysis published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) that challenges the widely held belief that antidepressants and dementia drugs are safe and effective for treating mental health issues.

Health care sellout on a global scale: Secret TPP trade deal to hand worldwide price monopoly to Big Pharma

By Heyes: (NaturalNews) It turns out that there is another globalist player at the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade negotiating table – Big Pharma – and if things go the industry's way, all competition will be crushed, and the world will be at its mercy.

CDC caught lying about Big Pharma bribery and collusion

BY Heyes: (NaturalNews) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention once had a rather good reputation among Americans and the world, but that reputation continues to take hits as more information becomes available about how the agency functions and its ties to industry.

Today's Parent magazine spreading Big Pharma's vaccine propaganda that harms children

By Benson: (NaturalNews) A popular Canadian parenting magazine has jumped aboard the vaccine death train with a recent garbage piece advising parents to just trust the government when it comes to following the official vaccination schedule. Parents shouldn't try to alter or delay the recommended vaccine protocol, claims the article, because... well, vaccines are safe and effective (and that's all we've got)!

Medical journals serve as Big Pharma drug-marketing platform: study

By Benson: (NaturalNews) The value of medical journals in providing physicians, researchers and other medical professionals an honest glimpse of the latest relevant, peer-reviewed medical science has greatly diminished in recent years. An extensive review published in the journal PLOS Medicine shows that medical journals today serve as little more than marketing platforms for pharmaceutical companies to push their drugs with little in the way of unbiased science.

National Geographic is now the propaganda arm of Monsanto, Big Pharma

BY Huff: (NaturalNews) It's said to be one of the largest non-profit scientific and educational organizations in the world. But the National Geographic Society, which publishes the popular National Geographic magazine, sure takes in a lot of money from the drug and biotechnology industries, as evidenced by the multi-page advertising spreads littering its print periodical.

CDC exposed as for-profit corporation colluding with Big Pharma to corrupt government

By Huff: (NaturalNews) If it often seems like America's "civil servants" and public officials no longer work for us, the people, it's because they don't. The government today, both locally and federally, has been hijacked and turned into a private corporation, including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which is definitively nothing more than a for-profit business perpetuating both its own continued existence and the corporate agendas of its puppet masters.

One class of Big Pharma medication kills more people in NYC annually than homicides

By Benson:(NaturalNews) The latest statistics show that the deadly street drug heroin is now responsible for killing more people in New York City than homicides, a startling fact that's sparking fresh concerns about what some fear might be a "comeback" of the use of this crude opiate drug. But comparatively speaking, more New Yorkers are dying from the use of everyday pain medications than they are from heroin or homicides, based on national statistics, an even more concerning fact.