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Autism's Rising Rates Increasingly Blamed On Toxic Chemicals

While pregnant with her son Edgar, Melissa Wolfe followed the lead of many a cautious woman before her. She took prenatal vitamins and ate organic vegetables. She avoided dyeing her hair and using hairspray.

New Report Shows Drug Companies Lied and Overstated Their Drug’s Ability to Treat Autism

The antidepressant class of drugs known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are among the most frequently prescribed drugs for autism.

REAL Scientific Journals Don't Lie - Mercury in Vaccines is BAD For You... But There is Relief...

I have here, below, an important article about a recent peer-reviewed study in the very prestigious scientific journal Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis.

New federal data shows autism rates are booming. Local researchers are finding industrial chemicals may play a role

When Tisha Gonzalez first met Rafael Hernandez, the elementary school student didn't care much for other kids.

Study Links Autism With Industrial Food, Environment

The epidemic of autism in children in the United States may be linked to the typical American diet according to a new study published online in Clinical Epigenetics by Renee Dufault, et. al.

Autism research may be about to bear fruit

More than $1 billion has been spent over the past decade researching autism. In some ways, the search for its causes looks like a long-running fishing expedition, with a focus on everything from genetics to the age of the father, the weight of the mother, and how close a child lives to a freeway.

78 percent increase in childhood autism rates over past decade coincides with sharp uptick in vaccination schedules

The rate of autism among American children has nearly doubled over the past decade