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Hormone disorders increase the prevalence of autism

Studies have linked hormone disorders from both maternal and paternal smoking to the ever increasing prevalence of autism. This has prompted many researchers to question whether smoking is directly causing autism and in 2012, Environmental Health Perspectives published a report stating that women who smoke during pregnancy are more likely to have a child with high-functioning autism such as Asperger’s Disorder.

The role of sensory integration in the diagnosis of autism -

This month the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders(DSM) will be released. In this edition, the DSM-IV-TR, the categories of autistic disorder, Asperger’s disorder, childhood disintegrative disorder and pervasive developmental disorder (not otherwise specified) will be combined into a single ‘autism spectrum disorder’ (ASD) category.

Animals rescue children with autism, ADHD and dyslexia -

For years, studies have demonstrated the capacity of animals in encouraging social interaction among humans. For instance, people walking a dog are more likely to receive positive social approaches than those walking alone. Also, animals have been used in preschool and elementary school settings to serve as a social opportunity for children with and without disabilities.

The connection between mitochondrial dysfunction and autism

Back in 2008, the United States government conceded, in open court, that Hannah Poling had an “underlying” mitochondrial dysfunction which caused her injuries – when given 5 vaccine shots (at one time) for 9 infectious diseases. Naturally, the government has no scientific proof that Hannah had this disorder before getting the vaccine shots – but doesn’t it make you wonder how many other kids are undiagnosed with mitochondrial dysfunction before getting vaccinated?

How obesity is linked to autism

Several studies have linked obesity with autism. In a study published in Pediatrics, pregnant mothers who were obese during pregnancy were about 67% more likely than pregnant mothers who maintained a normal weight to have autistic children. The obese mothers also faced double the risk of having children with other developmental delays.

Can ultrasounds during pregnancy cause autism

According to the Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine, ultrasound is a form of energy with effects in the tissues it traverses. Essentially, this energy (sound waves) can deform cells and of most concern are the cells associated with the formation of the cortex in the brain.

Boy diagnosed with autism has higher IQ than Einstein; thriving despite failure of public school system

When the experts told Kristine Barnett of Indiana that her two-year-old son would probably never be able to read or even tie his shoes due to his severe case of autism, the brave mother of three decided to take matters into her own hands. And as a result, she helped nurture the young boy into the genius he is today, defying all odds and proving that the government-run education system as we currently know it is a complete failure.

nsane dentist ravages autistic man by pulling ALL his teeth while he was unconscious

It's a nightmare scenario. You go to see your dentist. He drugs you into a stupor and begins pulling not one, not two, but all thirty-two of your teeth. As you come out of your stupor, he sends you on your way - toothless, as he disappears behind a dark curtain.

Is the modern western lifestyle responsible for the increase in autism?

There have been literally hundreds of research projects looking into the possible causes of autism. Many have linked autism to vaccines, diet and chemicals in our environment. Others have linked autism to other, more bizarre causes such as jaundice and sociological issue