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Autism (HC)

Autism: Debate Rages over a Rare Case

With her crimson curls and angelic face, little Hannah Poling, a 9-year-old girl with autism, hardly looks like a pioneer. But the Georgia native is the first to receive a mea culpa of sorts from federal health officials, who acknowledged that routinely recommended vaccines she received as a toddler might have contributed to her autism.


Study: Counties with more rainfall have higher autism rates

The scientists speculate that the precipitation itself, which might carry pollutants, or its possible consequences, such as increased TV-watching, decreased vitamin D levels or increased exposure to household chemicals, might trigger autism in genetically susceptible children.


Autism Doc's claims led to witch hunt

Sep 28 2008 by Phil Doherty, Sunday Sun

THE man at the centre of the triple jab controversy has accused the Government of conducting a witch hunt against him.

Dr Andrew Wakefield has been pilloried by the medical establishment after he voiced fears 10 yeas ago the Measles Mumps and Rubella inoculation could cause autism in some kids it was given to.

Now working in the USA, he was called back to appear before a General Medical Council disciplinary hearing earlier this year to answer charges of serious professional misconduct.


Autism: Pesticides on farms may be a trigger

23 August 2007

Children who are exposed to agricultural pesticides while developing in the womb are six times more likely to develop autism.

The first eight weeks after conception seem to be the most vulnerable time, and the risk increases dramatically if, during that time, their mothers were living close to farms that had used pesticides, and especially dicifol and endosulfan.


Study Casts Doubt on Vaccine-Autism Link

By Randy Dotinga
HealthDay Reporter

MONDAY, Jan. 7 (HealthDay News) -- Adding to a growing body of evidence that rejects the idea that immunizations boost autism rates, a new study finds no proof that incidences of the disorder dropped after makers of most childhood vaccines stopped using a mercury-based preservative in their products.

Researchers found that autism rates in California continued to rise over the past several years, even though the preservative -- known as thimerosal -- had vanished from almost all vaccines by 2001.


Children With Autism Get Their Day in Court

In Yuma , Arizona , the first court case alleging a link between childhood vaccines and autism is being heard in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.

Eight other such cases are soon to follow, and the decisions made will guide the handling of the other pending claims.

The cases are therefore being closely watched by 5,000 families with autistic children who have lodged claims for compensation.


Autism test cases against US begin

WASHINGTON -- Lawyers began arguments yesterday in the first of several test cases that may help decide whether the government should pay millions of dollars to parents of children with autism.

Nearly 5,000 parents say that vaccinations caused their children to develop autism and many of their claims have been pending for five years. The hearing was held at the "federal vaccine court" set up by Congress 20 years ago when a series of vaccine scares nearly crippled the industry.


Autism-Vaccine Link: Does It Really Exist?

Written by Neil Simmons

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Autism is a complex developmental disorder that severely impairs a child's ability to communicate and interact with other people. Although the precise cause of autism is unclear, a plethora of theories have been suggested. One theory suggests a genetic link, while another holds vaccines containing mercury as the culprit. Parents of autistic children are now seeking legal recourse on whether mercury in vaccines caused autism in their children.