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Asthma tied to sleep apnea in women

Fri Sep 1, 2006

By David Douglas

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Asthma appears to almost double the risk of symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea in young mothers, Ohio-based researchers report.

"In a large population-based cohort of young women, we found that women with asthma are twice as likely to have symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea as compared to women without asthma," lead investigator Dr. Maninder Kalra told Reuters Health.


Experts Warn Against Drugs That Combine Asthma Medications

August 24, 2006

Yvonne Lee - All Headline News Staff Reporter

Washington, D.C. (AHN) - Asthma experts at the University of Iowa renew earlier warnings about medications that combine salmeterol with an inhaled corticosteroid.

The Iowa doctors say that in some patients, the combination of the medications in drugs such as Advair can make asthma more severe, or even fatal.

The experts describe two cases handled by Iowa doctors in a letter to the "New England Journal of Medicine."


Asthma virus discovery could help to save lives

By Philip Ripley Published: 14 August 2006

Hundreds of thousands of asthma sufferers could be spared from a severe or potentially fatal attack by a scientific breakthrough.

Research published in the journal Nature Medicine shows asthmatics only produce half the number of anti-viral proteins when suffering a cold that non-sufferers do. As a result, they are far more likely to suffer a severe attack during a cold - and even end up in hospital. About 1,500 sufferers die every year.


Doctors Devise New Diet That Can Help Asthma And Arthritis

The Independent on Sunday


Scientists claim to have discovered a new diet that not only ensures weight loss but also tackles diseases and could even prolong life, according to a new report.

Doctors and scientists, who have been testing the diet on themselves for three years, say it can have health benefits on diverse conditions ranging from asthma to heart disease. 

Dr James Johnson, who co-wrote the report with colleagues from Stanford and New Orleans universities, said the diet involves eating normally one day and then cutting food intak


Antibiotic, Telithromycin, Can Help Some Asthma Patients

Main Category: Asthma/Respiratory News
Article Date: 13 Apr 2006 - 7:00am (PDT)

According to an international study of 278 patients in 70 centres, an antibiotic called Telithromycin reduces asthma symptoms and enhances lung function. Researchers also found that the drug improved recovery times.

Telithromycin is currently used for the treatment of sinusitis. You can read about this study in The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM).


FDA Panel Recommends Ban on Some Inhalers

By ANDREW BRIDGES Associated Press Writer The Associated Press

WASHINGTON Jan 24, 2006 — Millions of nonprescription inhalers used for decades by asthma sufferers, often against the advice of doctors, could be taken off drugstore shelves because they contain propellants that harm the ozone layer.


Nonprescription inhaler effective for asthma

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - In a small study of patients with nighttime asthma, a nonprescription inhaler containing epinephrine was nearly as effective as a prescription inhaler dispensing albuterol in terminating an acute asthma flare-up.

It is widely believed that nonprescription epinephrine inhalers are less effective and have more adverse effects on the heart than prescription drugs like albuterol, Dr. Leslie Hendeles and colleagues write in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.