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Artificial sweetners

How non-sugar sweeteners affect your health: A look at the research

A lot of people have an appetite for sugar. Studies have shown that the body’s response to sugary food starts even before it enters the body, with the brain firing on all cylinders to excite the reward circuit and produce dopamine, a neurotransmitter that regulates pleasure and reward.

This is What Happens to Kids’ Bodies When They Consume Artificial Food Dyes

Yelena Sukhoterina, December 18, 2015
Americans are consuming 5 times more food dyes than in 1955, and it is causing some serious health issues, particularly for kids. Children are more likely to pick bright-colored processed foods, and the food industry uses if not abuses this knowledge.

Artificial Sweeteners Cause Heart Failure, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure And Other Health Problems, Study Suggests

In light of a recent study finding that nearly 200,000 people per year are killed by sugar-sweetened beverages, some people might be tempted to switch to diet soft drinks instead.