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Become Acne Free With Nutrition And Diet

If you have acne, you have the company of millions of others. Acne and treatment of this condition are one of the most difficult of infections to clear. Most teenagers suffer through acne as a result of sex hormones being released during puberty. But adults also suffer from acne because of hormone imbalances. How can hormones be balanced so that acne does not take hold?


Bridal Heena – Mehndi for bridal

Bridal Heena… Oh its time to enjoy and feel of bridal heena design for the first time. Basically, it is the wonderful and graceful feeling of the bride which is presented on palms of the bride. Today there is a fashion for putting the design on the back of hand. It is important for a bride to have Mehendi on her palms at least. The bride holds a leaf and betel nut in her open palm while the groom puts his hand over hers.


Pet Herbs

"Pet herbs" may be considered quite a strange term however in truth there are many herbal remedies which are great for your pets. All manner of illness, parasites and injuries can be cured with pet herbs and you may also save yourself many a vet bill from using such herbs.

Cuts can be simply disinfected and healing promoted by spraying a tea made from Calendula flowers onto the injured area or alternatively you can have a salve made with Calendula flowers.

Herbal Treatment For Pets

Herbal treatment for pets offers natural relief for a variety of ailments, is excellent as preventive medicine and will help keep pets healthy through all stages of life.

Many pet owners are choosing to look after and treat their beloved pets with herbal treatments as they are concerned about the harmful and distressing side-effects of pharmaceuticals. In addition to this herbal treatment for pets is often less expensive than pharmaceuticals.

Herbal treatment for pets is a tried and tested method which has existed for centuries as a way to keep your pets healthy.


Clear Your Acne With My 12 Step Program

In 12 previous articles, I have outlined the specifics of each step they you need to take to eliminate acne and have a clear, clean face.

Here I outline this acne program, giving specifics that you can follow. There are many different 12-step programs you can create with the information I have provided in my other articles. Here I will give you one that I like, but it may not be the one you like. You can adapt a program to the things that don’t cost too much or you can buy numerous products to make things easier for you.


Cleansing Liver Herbal Teas

When spring comes it is time for a liver cleanse. This is a good time to rejuvenate the liver for the coming year of work. One good way to cleanse the liver is to use herbal teas. They are easy to use and they provide a powerful punch to reawaken the liver.

Here is a herbal formulation for the liver provided by Brigitte Mars (herbalist in Colorado) called "Puri-Tea" which consist of:

· Peppermint, red clover, fennel, licorice
· cleavers, dandelion, oregon grape root, burdock root
· butternut bark, chickweed, parsley root, nettles.


Check Your Colon Transient Time

Your colon transient time is the time it takes the food you eat to travel from your mouth through your rectum. A healthy time is 18 to 25 hours. This time relates to how long the food you eat stays in your intestinal tract and colon. Food, fecal matter or chyme in your colon should not stay longer than 12 hours otherwise you have constipation. The other 12 hours, your food is in your stomach and small intestine.


Changing Your Eating Habits

Because all of us have been brought up eating junk food, well most of us, it is not easy to change our eating habits. Your eating habits have developed since childhood based on what your mothers or fathers cooked and what your psychological make-up was during that time.

The foods you eat and crave help keep pass trauma and present anxiety in check. Food helps make you feel good when you start to feel bad. Eating is a natural defense mechanism that the brain-body uses to keep you from going crazy.