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Handwriting study finds clues on when biblical texts written

DANIEL ESTRIN, April 12, 2016
Israeli mathematicians and archaeologists say they have found evidence to suggest that key biblical texts may have been composed earlier than what some scholars think.

The discovery helps paint a living, vibrant and dynamic picture of Jerusalem as it was in ancient times, up until the modern era," says IAA archaeologist.

DANIEL K. EISENBUD, 03/02/2016
Archeologists from the Antiquities Authority have unearthed a rare and well-preserved 1,600-yearold winery and Roman bathhouse in Jerusalem’s historic Schneller Compound, which once served as an orphanage, and later as an IDF base.

Israeli-German project uses advanced technology to piece together Dead Sea Scrolls

DANIEL K. EISENBUD, 02/23/2016
Nearly 70 years after the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, scholars and computer science experts from Israel and Germany are collaborating to use state-of-the-art technology to piece together thousands of fragments from the ancient holy text.