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antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic resistance explodes globally as corrupt, for-profit medical system runs out of chemicals that fight infections

David Gutierrez, December 16, 2015
Antibiotic resistance is reaching such dangerous proportions that the entire global health system is at risk of collapse, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned on November 16.

Obama announces $1.2 billion plan that will let CAFOs continue abusing antibiotics while claiming to fight antibiotic resistance

BY Goodrich: (NaturalNews) Through the years, overexposure to antibiotics has led to the development of bacteria which are resistant to certain types of drugs. Last year, the World Health Organization sounded the alarm bell that antibiotic resistance should be taken seriously before it's too late.

Rate of deadly, drug-resistant superbug infections at U.S. hospitals surges

By Devon: (NaturalNews) Pharmacies give away antibiotics out their drive-thru window like Tootsie Rolls being tossed out in a parade. Doctors prescribe this candy medicine like it's some kind of all-around wonder drug. When we look at the actual science of antibiotics, they turn out to be less of a healing mechanism and more of a destroyer of the immune system. In fact, antibiotics work by destroying bacteria, both the infectious kind and the protective kind.

Hospital superbug kills more people than measles; yet there's little outcry against doctors abusing antibiotics

By Devon: (NaturalNews) The national news media have been hyping a Disneyland measles outbreak all winter long in an attempt to gain public support for mandatory vaccinations. Still, after looking at the ingredients in vaccinations, informed parents agree: MMR vaccines are one of the worst pharmaceutical products you would want to force into someone's blood. The US Vaccine Court pays out millions in settlement wages to families whose children have been damaged by vaccines like the MMR. Parents are learning that there are bigger problems than disease like measles.

WHO report labels antibiotic resistance 'global threat,' calls for urgent action

A new report issued by the World Health Organization denounces the current overuse of antibiotics and is saying that antibiotics now pose a "major global threat" to public health.

Slaughtering 9 billion chickens a year worldwide equates to 17,000 deaths every minute

What's the average price of conventional chicken per pound right now? $3.68 is your packaged price for hormone-laden, antibiotic-loaded chicken. What's the cost for that same pound of chicken without antibiotics? $5.50 is your cost for a pound of chicken without medication that breeds superbugs. What is the average cost of organic chicken, which means that the birds are not given hormone injections, antibiotics and genetically altered food, and are not genetically modified themselves? That's $7.00 sir/ma'am. Thank you.

Sudden collapse of Harappan civilization may foreshadow superbug threat to modern humans

The mystery surrounding the sudden collapse of the ancient city of Harappa, a major urban center that was a prominent feature of the now defunct Indus civilization, recently became a little bit less mysterious thanks to new research out of Appalachian State University. An international team of climatologists, archaeologists and biologists found that rampant disease, among other things, played a major role in the swift decline of this primordial people group -- and the same thing could happen to modern humanity as a result of antibiotic-resistant "superbugs," believe some.