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Can Animals Predict Earthquakes? Italian Farm Acts as a Lab to Find Out

PIEVE TORINA, Italy — After a series of powerful earthquakes struck Italy last year, Martin Wikelski rushed here to test a hunch that has tantalized scientists and thinkers for millenniums: Can animals anticipate natural disasters?

Undamming this major U.S. river is opening a world of possibility for native cultures and wildlife

Renee Lewis, 5/4/16
The run of salmon in the Klamath River this year is the heaviest it has ever known. There are millions of fish below the falls near Keno, and it is said that a man with a gaff could easily land a hundred of the salmon in an hour, in fact they could be caught as fast as a man could pull them in.”

Researchers Find Siberian ‘Unicorn’ Fossil Fragments in Kazakhstan, Say Creature Lived Much Longer Than Thought | Ancient Origins

Epoch Newsroom, 2 April, 2016
Researchers have found fossil fragments that indicate the so-called Siberian Unicorn last walked the Earth a mere 29,000 years ago.

Japanese Master Demonstrates the Power of Chi by Controlling Animals

Buck Rogers, March 5, 2016
We too often take it for granted that human beings only have five senses, and whenever something cannot be immediately explained within the framework of modern science, we tend to brush it off as an anomaly, or an oddity.

Animals rescue children with autism, ADHD and dyslexia -

For years, studies have demonstrated the capacity of animals in encouraging social interaction among humans. For instance, people walking a dog are more likely to receive positive social approaches than those walking alone. Also, animals have been used in preschool and elementary school settings to serve as a social opportunity for children with and without disabilities.

Palm oil health craze may push animals to extinction while destroying the environment

Red palm oil has burst onto the health scene as a miracle food, helping to heal everything from cardiovascular disease to Alzheimer's to cancer. However, as it becomes more popular worldwide, a dark secret has come to light. Due to its lucrative value, rainforests in Malaysia and Indonesia are destroyed and replaced with African oil palm tree plantations -- seriously endangering the habitat of many rare birds, orangutan, pygmy elephants and clouded leopards. As this deforestation progresses at lightening speed, a hefty carbon footprint is created as well.

GMO-Fed Hamsters Become Infertile, Have Stunted Growth

By Lisa Garber, 08 August 12

Yet another study has concluded that feeding animals GMOs results in higher rates of infant mortality and causes fertility problems. Russian biologist Alexey V. Surov and other researchers fed Campbell hamsters (which have fast reproduction rates) Monsanto GM soy for two years. It should be noted that hamsters do not evolutionarily eat soy-just as cows fed Monsanto corn are actually ruminants and would not naturally eat corn.