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Animal Rights

Chimps May Have Closer Links to Humans

May 20, 2003

By RANDOLPH E. SCHMID, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - It may be time to move over and share the human branch of the family tree with chimpanzees, says a researcher who has studied how closely the two are related.

Humans and chimps share 99.4 percent of DNA — genetic code for life — according to a team led by Morris Goodman of the Wayne State University School of Medicine.

"We humans appear as only slightly remodeled chimpanzee-like apes," said Goodman.


Nature Body Suggests Iceland Wants Whales for Meat

Thu Aug 7, 2003

GENEVA (Reuters) - Iceland's decision to resume whaling for what it calls scientific purposes after a 14-year break is driven by commercial concerns, the conservation body WWF-International suggested on Thursday.

The program, aimed at catching 38 minke whales in August and September, is simply "an excuse to expand whaling," said the World Wide Fund for Nature which has led campaigning in the past two decades to save all whale species from extinction.


House enters horse meat debate

Two North Texas slaughterhouses are fighting in court to stay open By JENNIFER McINNIS
Copyright 2003 Houston Chronicle Austin Bureau

AUSTIN -- In a state where horses have long been revered for their service on cattle drives and in combat, the Texas Legislature is about to consider whether they also should fill another role: food for the dinner table.


Anglers carp at 'fish pain' theory

EDINBURGH, Scotland --Anglers and animal rights activists were further apart than ever on Wednesday after scientists said they had proved for the first time that fish feel pain. 

The scientific study on rainbow trout by scientists in Scotland found evidence, researchers said, that fish have feelings, including stress and pain. 

But the main angling group in Britain cast doubt on the research, saying that the findings contradicted previous studies. 


Lawyer speaks for animals

Lynn Okura
The Daily Illini

Imagine a courtroom in which a chimpanzee sues a person for compensatory damages in a civil lawsuit. Although this may sound like a dream it is a reality animal rights lawyer Steven Wise hopes to achieve.

During a lecture Tuesday Wise explained why he believes some non-human animals should be entitled to legal rights.

"A huge number of non-human animals are killed and abused — millions in the U.S. alone — and are completely defenseless," Wise said.


Rights from Wrongs

By Jim Motavalli

Does a pig packed in a tiny factory cage waiting to be killed have any rights in America? Should it have? And what about the chimpanzee, which shares 99 percent of its active DNA with humans? Should anyone be allowed to “own” an animal with so many of our own attributes, including the ability to reason, use tools and respond to language? Isn’t that like slavery?


Jane Goodall: a kinship with chimps

04 April 2003

By Richard Marranca, E/The Environmental Magazine

Primatologist Jane Goodall needs little introduction, because her work with chimps in Tanzania is known throughout the world. Fifty years of intimate contact with these close human relatives gives her authority to speak on everything from their value systems to their ability to make music. Goodall's most recent book, written with Marc Bekoff, is The Ten Trusts (Harper San Francisco).


Exotic pets out of control

By Lisa Sandberg

San Antonio Express-News

Web Posted : 04/13/2003

Though heartbroken by the fatal shooting of a 400-pound African lioness last week, Carol Asvestas of the Wild Animal Orphanage has no doubt she soon will be beseeched to rescue yet another abandoned lion, tiger or bear — adding to the 600 wild animals she already has.