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Monumental report confirms excessive 'War on Drugs' legislation does far more damage to public health than good

J. D. Heyes, April 28 2016
A significant new report confirmed what scores of legal reform advocates have long suspected – that the decades-old "war on drugs" that was begun in the early 1970s has been a monumental failure in that it has had no influence whatsoever on reducing the level of drug abuse in the United States.

Police scan us. Soon we’ll scan them

Very soon you will be able to go to the airport and not cower at having a Homeland Security cop rummage around your private parts or command you to be filmed for any trace association with terrorism.

Patriot Act documents to remain government secrets, rules federal judge

An open society is a free society, and the media's primary job in helping to maintain a free, open society is to shine the light of scrutiny on government.