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Aluminum dangers – What they don’t want you to know

A known neurotoxin – aluminum has been linked to autism in children and Alzheimer’s disease in older adults. In fact, according to Dr. Christine Schaffner, this dangerous substance is currently the number one toxin found among her patients suffering from metals exposure – ahead of mercury and lead. Keep in mind, there is absolutely no (good) reason to have this material inside the human body.


Vaccine apologist Paul Offit earns 'F' in science for declaring aluminum a health-promoting nutrient for babies

By Benson: (NaturalNews) Legendary-fool-posing-as-medical-doctor Paul Offit of the Philadelphia Children's Hospital has publicly declared that newborn babies thrive on being injected with the soft metal aluminum, which is commonly added to many childhood vaccines. In a certifiably insane statement posted on his "Vaccine Education Center" section of the website for the Children's Hospital, Offit claims that aluminum is "an essential metal" that plays "an important role in the development of a healthy fetus."

Aluminum in antacids, food, water and vaccines causes Alzheimer's disease

By Wells: (NaturalNews) My grandmother Ester died after suffering from Alzheimer's disease, and for the last 12 years of her life she did not recognize anyone from her immediate family, including her husband, her children or her grandchildren. She became violent in the end, and she basically starved herself to death. The hospital/extended care facility put her on forced IV, but it was too little and way too late.

Beware: Many popular consumer products and foods are loaded with brain-destroying aluminum

By Benson:(NaturalNews) Aluminum. It is the most abundant metal found naturally in the earth's crust. But new research published in the journal Frontiers in Neurology warns that constant exposure to it can lead to Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia, which typically lead to early death.

Pharmaceutical drugs, processed foods, tap water, antiperspirant deodorants and even infant formulas all contain aluminum, say researchers. And the extreme levels to which many people are being exposed in the modern age has triggered an epidemic of brain damage and early death.

Fluoride combined with even trace amounts of aluminum in water can cause major brain damage

Renowned medical doctor and neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock holds nothing back when it comes to telling it like it is, even when "it" goes against the prevailing schools of thought within his profession. And one of his latest Blaylock Wellness Reports is no exception, shining light on the very real dangers associated with fluoride exposure, especially when that fluoride interacts with other toxic chemicals commonly found in municipal water supplies.

Aluminum intake leads to dementia; silica intake decreases risk

How much aluminum is in your drinking water? It's hard to tell, but in a 15-year study on French elderly men and women, regular consumption of tap water was associated with aluminum toxicity and increased prevalence of dementia. How might the accumulation of aluminum from just tap water alone affect your cognitive ability as you age?

Why is neurotoxic aluminum in vaccines

Vaccines are one of the most sensitive topics in the health care debate. Many people swear by them and credit vaccines with putting an end to childhood infectious diseases. Others are strongly concerned about the growing number of vaccines on the market today and legislative policies that would force vaccines upon the public.

Nanosized aluminum being sprayed in the atmosphere, causing degenerative disease, says neurosurgeon

Back in the 1960's, quiet scientific dialogue began about global climate change and how it can be manipulated. What might have turned into a productive discussion of responsible protection of Earth's climate and ecosystem had eventually evolved into a mad, controlling science experiment. By the 21st century, jumbo jets were being deployed to drop billions of dollars of nanosized aluminum and other particles into the skies. In attempts to reflect sunlight away from the Earth and cool climate temperatures, this science experiment has exploited populations of people to mass amounts of airborne metals that are literally raining down and poisoning everyone, slowly, subtly.

Vaccine aluminum linked to specific learning disabilities -

For years, there has been a debate regarding mercury in vaccines and whether it can set the stage for autism plus many other health-related disorders. Of course, studies conducted on behalf of the pharmaceutical companies report that mercury is “safe” while studies conducted by others (without a vested interest) find that heavy metals injected into the body can be dangerous. Based on backlash from parents, mercury was eliminated from many vaccines and replaced with aluminum.